What will the categories be for this year?

We will have 4 different categories

– 18 hole stableford

– 9 hole stableford

– 9+ years flag event

– Under 8 years flag event

How many tours can I enter?
As many of them as you can!
How are points awarded this year for events?

Points will be awarded in the same way across all our categories including the stableford and strokeplay categories


Finishing Position Points Awarded
1st 200
2nd 190
3rd 180
4th 170
5th 160
6th 150
7th 140
8th 130
9th 120
10th 110
11th + 100
So how do I qualify for the Tour Championship Final?

Everyone has a chance of qualifying!

Come the last event on each tour we will tally up all the points and each players top 4 scores (excluding the summer series) , the top 10 players in each category will be invited to our Tour Championship Final. There may be players who qualify from 2 or more tours for the finals, they will have the opportunity to win both/all 3 tours but will only have the chance to submit one score against all their competitors

Can my handicap get cut

Only those playing in the strokeplay event have the opportunity to get their handicap cut (but it can also go up!)

How many people win prizes at each event

At each of our events 1st, 2nd and 3rd will win prizes. For our 18 hole strokeplay we have prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in both gross and nett scores, however each player can only win one or the other, not both.