CC Terms and Conditions

First Aid, Photo Consent and Terms and Conditions

First Aid

Each child signing up to participate in the County Club will have given full permission for First Aid to be administered should it be required, the club will receive a copy of all the relevant permission forms in advance of their event.

Photo Consent

I give Junior Golf Ltd permission to take photographs and / or video of our course. Each child as part of the sign up process will have given the necessary permission for photographs to be taken and used as described in the following statement:

I grant Junior Golf Ltd full rights to use the images resulting from the photography/video filming, and any reproductions or adaptations of the images for fundraising, publicity or other purposes to help achieve the group’s aims. This might include (but is not limited to), the right to use them in their printed and online publicity, social media, press releases and funding applications.

Terms and Conditions

Each county club space is booked on a first come first served basis, we will endeavour to fulfil the full 8 clubs within each county to make up the county clubs, in the unlikely event that we are not able to reach the 8 clubs, the clubs that have already signed up will be given the opportunity to pick up extra dates to fill the quota or the county club may be cancelled.

Email contact – we will send emails to your registered email address for all correspondence relating to any of our events

GDPR, we will only hold the information that you provide us throughout the registration process, this will be held securely by the owners only and not shared with any other people/companies. You may receive from time to time emails from our sponsors, but these will be sent directly by us as part of the agreement that we have with out sponsors to secure the necessary funding to operate the tour.

Event Entry

Each competitor will be required to sign up for each individual event, in order to maintain their position on the tour they competitors will need to continue to pay their monthly fee, failure to do so will mean they are removed from any future competitions until this is resolved.

Flag Events

Each competitor will have 36 shots to play as far round a shortened golf course as possible
Parents/Guardians will be allowed to caddy for categories, this will be highlighted prior to the first event, there must be no coaching or any other information passed from parents to children during the events. Parents must stay with their children throughout the day and act as a marker for the group.

9 Hole Events

Each competitor will play from the red (ladies) tees, parents must not caddy within this category and must not offer any advice. Parents are not required to stay with their children in this category, however are welcome to do so if they wish from a distance. Scoring will be calculated on a stableford basis.

18 Hole Events

Each boy will play from the yellow tees (or equivalent) and girls from the red (or equivalent), parents must not caddy within this category and must not offer any advice. Parents are not required to stay with their children in this category, however are welcome to do so if they wish from a distance. Scoring will be calculated on a strokeplay basis.

Event Cancellation
The best effort possible must be made to run any event organised. Of course weather may interfere with the event and in this case the event can be cancelled. We hope that each club will make every effort possible to reschedule any events that are cancelled.

All spectators should stay off fairways, tees and greens and walk in front of the group they are watching; this way, you won’t be causing a delay to the group behind or in any danger of being hit.

There may be an event photographer at all Junior Golf Ltd competitions, plus a media photographer at some events.
As a standard condition of entry, pictures may be used by Junior Golf Ltd for all promotional purposes. This includes website, newsletters and newspaper publications.

Accident and Injuries
Competitors play at their own risk. Spectators and caddies also walk the course at their own risk.
Junior Golf Ltd and the clubs involved take no responsibility for any accidents or injuries that happen at any of the events.

Code of Conduct
The Junior Golf Ltd runs high quality, professional, and fun competitions for all junior players.
Players and parents must abide by the Rules of Golf and maintain good golfing etiquette both on and off the course.

Club promotion
Clubs are welcome to promote all their services and membership options when the juniors are playing at their club, out with that the club must contact Junior Golf Ltd in order for promotional materials to be distributed. This will certainly be possible in the run up to the events you are hosting and immediately after, out with that promotion will be dependant on what events are being run, it would not be fair to promote another club in the county during the run up to another clubs event. For each event there will be a 14 promotional window, the Tuesday (13 days prior to your event) until the Monday immediately after your event. Each club will have this window twice throughout the season and various opportunities over the winter period to promote the club.

Unsportsman-like conduct, including abusive language, club throwing, disrespect to volunteers, officials or fellow competitors.
Deliberate miss-counting of shots.
Any abusive behaviour to any other persons and property at the Golf Club.
Any breach of these rules may cause a ban from attending future Junior Golf Ltd events, and persons guilty of improper conduct at any competition will be asked to leave.
In the event of any unresolved issues, parents should speak, in private, to the Junior Golf Ltd Directors at an agreed time and not in front of children.
Junior Golf Ltd officials and the club representatives decisions are final.